5 Points of Power For A New Business


1. Branding:  Authenticity, Credibility, Consistency, and Presentation are all a part of branding. Continue to define your brand, or START if you haven’t already. Your branding precedes you.


2. Work Your Specialty:  What is your specialty—what aspect of your business do you have down packed to the point where you could you perform it in your sleep? Showcase that strength and let it market for you. Clean it up, cross the t’s, dot the i’s, put it front and center. Let it be your poster child.


3. Increase your presence:  Network, network, network. Join professional organizations, attend local business events or socials. Sponsor small events that you can fit into your budget, just to get your business name out there. There are always small events being hosted where the cost of sponsorship is relatively inexpensive. Never ever leave home without business cards, or  some presentable form of marketing that you can leave in the hands of a potential customer.


4. Stay In The Know:  Attend continuing education classes, webinars, seminars, etc, regarding your business type. Some webinars are free, just search online for them. Continuing Ed classes and seminars usually cost, but it’s worth the investment. Your local SCORE office hosts classes as well, usually at no cost. Nothing stays the same for long these days, and you will fall behind the times quickly if you do not attempt to stay up to date.


5. Value Your Business: Value your time, product, or service for what it is.  Do not overcharge and do not undercharge. Simply be fair to your customers and clients, without compromising the financial health of your business.

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