Tomorrow is Always Different


Have you ever been tired of trying to figure it all out? 🤹

Sometimes you’re not sure if you’re going in the best direction 🤷.But in spite of that feeling, in spite of that brief moment of despair, you have to keep going 👉.

You have to keep going, because tomorrow, you won’t feel the same way. Tomorrow is inevitably a new day. Tomorrow won’t let you feel the same way you did today. Tomorrow is always different 🌈.

Don’t let the disappointments, or the tiredness, or the reality of today distract you from your promising tomorrow. If tomorrow were not meant to be better for you🏌️, you would never make it through the night. Yet, here you are 🕊️.


Diversity and Inclusion Hack: New Hires with a Criminal Background


In less than 30 days we will be saying hello to Q4, and a day closer to waving goodbye to 2019 👋.

Creating a truly well rounded workplace culture for any company should be on a short term To Do List. Hiring from a diverse and inclusive pool of applicants, ultimately encompasses workplace culture 👥.

Applicants with a criminal background are included on the Diversity and Inclusion agenda.

Has your company made strides in hiring qualified applicants with a criminal background?

If not, is hiring applicants with a criminal background included on your Q1 To Do List ☑️?

Did you know that this is an easy Diversity and Inclusion initiative to implement 🙆?

Do away with saying that your company “just cannot” hire applicants with FELONIES. Unless every position that your company offers requires a top level security clearance🔒, you can make that hire. You can hire a person with a felony ⚖️.

Does the term “Felony” make you nervous? Some times the difference between a low level felony and a misdemeanor is simply a number, an arithmetical value, a dollar amount 💲. In other cases, the charged crime sounds WORSE than what really happened; this should be taken into consideration. Applicants can respectfully be asked for limited details, in order for the hiring team to gain a better understanding.

Most people with felonies did something out of character for whatever reason ☹️, and that something cost them their peace, reputation, family, housing, employment, sanity, and more. Punishment was already implemented and the person has been ostracized, whether they served prison time or not. The applicant no longer deseves reprimanding —he or she needs a job or a career. This is where you step in 👤.

This is where the D&I hack comes in:

REVAMP your company’s silent and discriminatory policy 📋. Extend job offers to people with felonies and misdemeanors, whenever you can.

It is almost 2020, let’s end discrimination 🚫. Let’s stop making excuses for unconscious bias ✋. Most applicants are not looking to “catch another charge” or go back to prison. Most applicants just want to be viewed as normal again, so that they can start fresh and move ahead in life.

Do you know what steps to take to begin this initiative? The Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) makes it easy for you 👇.

SHRM has an entire toolkit devoted to this initiative,

Lastly, for a quick synopsis, below are six tips from SHRM on how to get started, presented by HR Dive:

SHRMLeg: 6 quick tips for hiring applicants with criminal histories

Let’s give the economy a real boost ⤴️, by getting people with not so perfect backgrounds back to work ↩️.

Don’t Let the Chatter Stop You


Hi Ya’ll,
Thanks for stopping by. This content will not be long.
I was going through what I call my “snippet quotes.”
I have snippet notes and snippet quotes EVERYWHERE so that I can easily assess them when needed. They are in my draft emails, in various notepads, handwritten notes in my purse, electronic sticky notes…they are literally everywhere.
I would like to share one today and hope that it speaks directly to anyone who needs it. At the end of the reading, I have provided the name of the author who verbally spoke these words:

“When GREATNESS crowns 👑, it creates conflict. It does not crown when you have been placed IN the position, it crowns before.
You ARE a visionary before you become a CEO .
You have to go through a period of displacement where you have vision 🤓 to function on a level, but don’t have an opportunity; which creates frustration 😔.
Frustration, because you feel this [vision] with everything that you have inside of you ♥️, but nothing on the outside has acknowledged you on the level that you think on 😕…
and you don’t feel appreciated because your thoughts 💭 are up here⬆️, but your situation is…down there 👇.

Nevertheless…Don’t Let the Chatter Stop You. Keep going.”

– TD Jakes

Washington Watch|Criminal Justice Reform & Your Presidential Candidate



An interesting article came across my Twitter feed earlier today. The article is titled, “Criminal Justice Reform Is Proving a Tricky Subject for Many of These 2020 Democrats,” written by Josiah Bates.

Since criminal justice reform is a topic that I have been passionate about for almost 10 years, it takes me roughly 60 seconds to spit out a response to whomever my audience is. On the flip side it takes me a few hours to articulate an impersonal response….it’s been a few hours, so here goes.

The article reads;

“For candidates like former Vice President Joe Biden and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, it’s their past record of voting for tough-on-crime legislation. For others, like South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, it’s their current oversight of troubled police departments. And for former prosecutors, like California Sen. Kamala Harris and Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar, it’s their own records of putting people behind bars.”

Additionally, the article goes on to say;

“Few candidates face as serious an obstacle as Biden, who literally helped write the law. As a senator from Delaware in the 1990s, he long took-credit for his role in crafting the 1994 crime bill signed by President Bill Clinton.

Well, I agree.

However, this change in  belief makes Joe a normal human being. As a human being that was raised with values and common sense, it is our birthright to grow, evolve, and mature mentally.

Biden’s stance on crime control was unfortunately in line with how the world turned, 25 years ago. America was all about cracking down on crime and locking up repeat offenders. That is, until 25 years of data revealed a major and often times life changing flaw with the justice system.

Joe B has since expressed regret for his previous perspective on how to effectively deal with offenders, and repeat offenders. Joe evolved, or did he?

Kamela Harris with her impressive law background, prosecuting numerous men and woman as well as providing chief legal oversight as the Attorney General of California had a tongue-in-cheek moment as well. Ms. Harris’s “no excuse” stance rolled out misdemeanors to parents, whose children missed more than 10% of instructional days in a academic calendar year. Well, we know which socioeconomic field this impacted whether you want to admit it or not.

Kamela Harris has since expressed regret for what I call an attempt to rule with an iron fist. Kamela matured, or did she?

Other presidential candidates such as, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, Senator Bernie Sanders, and Mayor Bill de Blasio have their own “man in the mirror” moments to reconcile as well. I encourage you to read the TIME published article to become more informed on where your presidential candidate stands on this year’s hot topic of criminal justice reform, second chances, the First Step Act, etc.

To the incomparable #HRTribe it sure does matter who we vote for. We are taught to not discuss politics in the workplace, but when politics affect the workplace what say you then?

Let us hope that all candidates running for any government seat, will address and have a plan of action for Criminal Reform, The First Step Act, and SHRM’s very own “Getting Talent Back to Work” initiative.

Step your game up presidential candidates. America will have to demand better than what we historically allowed to manifest.



Second Chance Hiring & Entrepreneurship


Please note that to be an Entrepreneur, most people still need a job at first to help make ends meet, until they have the resources to completely leap and fly on their own. It’s a huge and hard step isn’t it?

It is harder and almost…ALMOST… unsurpassable to do so as a person with a criminal background; if not for the fire in their belly and the neck that holds their head up high.

So, be the resource of the human that you are and extend a job offer, a good job offer, to that qualified and capable person with the Scarlett Letter.

Bridge the gap because you can, you have the power to do so.

Read more here about how others are bridging the gap.

Credit for picture below belongs to Alex Slitz, via 2019.

peoplefirst gettingtalentbacktowork equality diversity #inclusion #secondchance

AWF_Second Chance


5 Points of Power For A New Business


1. Branding:  Authenticity, Credibility, Consistency, and Presentation are all a part of branding. Continue to define your brand, or START if you haven’t already. Your branding precedes you.


2. Work Your Specialty:  What is your specialty—what aspect of your business do you have down packed to the point where you could you perform it in your sleep? Showcase that strength and let it market for you. Clean it up, cross the t’s, dot the i’s, put it front and center. Let it be your poster child.


3. Increase your presence:  Network, network, network. Join professional organizations, attend local business events or socials. Sponsor small events that you can fit into your budget, just to get your business name out there. There are always small events being hosted where the cost of sponsorship is relatively inexpensive. Never ever leave home without business cards, or  some presentable form of marketing that you can leave in the hands of a potential customer.


4. Stay In The Know:  Attend continuing education classes, webinars, seminars, etc, regarding your business type. Some webinars are free, just search online for them. Continuing Ed classes and seminars usually cost, but it’s worth the investment. Your local SCORE office hosts classes as well, usually at no cost. Nothing stays the same for long these days, and you will fall behind the times quickly if you do not attempt to stay up to date.


5. Value Your Business: Value your time, product, or service for what it is.  Do not overcharge and do not undercharge. Simply be fair to your customers and clients, without compromising the financial health of your business.

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